Lokma Tatlısı – Dough Donuts.


2 eggs
Half a packet of baking powder (5 gr)
2 spoonfuls of yogurt
a little sault
5 spoonfuls of flour

For the deep frying:
1 glass of water sunflower oil
For the syrup:
2 glasses of water water
2 glasses of water sugar
juice from half a lemon
walnuts or coconut


First of all you prepare the syrup and let it cool. Afterwards in order to make the dough, put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them. Add the sunflower oil in the deep frying panand wait until the oil is warmed enough. Using a spoon take small pieces from the dough and drop to plenty of hot oil. As soon as doughnuts rise to surface, turn with a long handled fork and immediately. Pour syrup over them immediately. Let the dough donuts absorb the syrup and serve them after one hour.


I advise you to use a small deep frying pan. On the contrary you must use more sunflower oil.

sourse: ozlemkaracam.blogcu.com

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